Folear and CSIRO visiting Tobacco Research Institute at their Qingdao facility


Yes, that is a tobacco plant! Folear CEO Dr James Petrie and CSIRO scientists Dr Surinder Singh and Dr Xue-Rong Zhou met with top researchers at the Tobacco Research Institute centre in Qingdao to discuss leaf oil technology in tobacco.

From left: James Petrie (Folear), Surinder Singh (CSIRO), Xue-Rong Zhou (CSIRO), Yongfeng Guo and Huaixu Zhan (Tobacco Research Institute)


Folear meeting with ESM Sampoerna


Folear Co-founder Dr Ben Leita met with ESM Sampoerna at the Australian embassy in Jakata to discuss the possibility of growing Folear’s leaf oil tobacco in Indonesia.  Meeting was a collaborative effort brokered by CSIRO’s Archie Slamet and Austrade’s Farisca Jo. 

# Outcome from this meeting was ESM Sampoerna planed to visit Folear’s tobacco field trial in USA Kentucky this August.

Photo: Nicolaas, Andrew Sampoerna, Andrew Cockburn, Archie Slamet, Ben Leita, Farisca Jo.