Folear meeting with ESM Sampoerna


Folear Co-founder Dr Ben Leita met with ESM Sampoerna at the Australian embassy in Jakata to discuss the possibility of growing Folear’s leaf oil tobacco in Indonesia.  Meeting was a collaborative effort brokered by CSIRO’s Archie Slamet and Austrade’s Farisca Jo. 

# Outcome from this meeting was ESM Sampoerna planed to visit Folear’s tobacco field trial in USA Kentucky this August.

Photo: Nicolaas, Andrew Sampoerna, Andrew Cockburn, Archie Slamet, Ben Leita, Farisca Jo.

Tobacco oil converted into renewable diesel


Folear’s Co-founder Dr Ben Leita and  CSIRO Global’s Director of Indonesia Archie Slamet met with collaborators at Institute of Technology Bandung (ITB) in Indoneasia to pick up the sample of renewable diesel made from folear’s tobacco leaf oil.  This successful collaboration show proof of concept that the oil extracted from Folear’s leaf oil tobacco can be converted into renewable diesel, this is a ‘drop in’ diesel fuel and not to be confused with biodiesel, which folears tobacco oil can also be converted into.  Next step is getting a bioJet fuel sample made.

Photo: from left, Dr Leita, Dr Igbn Makertihartha (ITB) and Dr. Tirto Prakoso (ITB) holding a sample of tobacco leaf oil and the renewable diesel it was converted into in front of ITB’s fuel conversion rig.